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If you would like, I can make an Icon for you. While making these, I will not put my name on it because-duh- it's gonna be for you.
Just tell me what you want it to look like and i will do my best!

Newest Deviations

Birthday Baru :iconcbellelove:CbelleLove 0 0 Punk!Mizutaki :iconcbellelove:CbelleLove 1 3 Subaru and Mizutaki (Cold weather themed) :iconcbellelove:CbelleLove 1 0 Raccoon Icon :iconcbellelove:CbelleLove 1 0 Draw your squad like this meme (my squad) :iconcbellelove:CbelleLove 1 0 Mary (from Ib) :iconcbellelove:CbelleLove 0 0 NightshadeNeko Icon :iconcbellelove:CbelleLove 1 0 Teacup: Subaru and Mizutaki (Miu) :iconcbellelove:CbelleLove 0 0 Shuulax Pokemon x Diabolik lovers: snorelax :iconcbellelove:CbelleLove 1 0 Cat Sprite 1 :iconcbellelove:CbelleLove 1 0 Death Note :iconcbellelove:CbelleLove 0 0 Diabolik lovers Crack: One Punch Vamp :iconcbellelove:CbelleLove 0 0 Diabolik lovers Crack: DiaMON :iconcbellelove:CbelleLove 0 0 Carla Tsukinami is a Princess :iconcbellelove:CbelleLove 2 3 Toyota Miu. (Best made content on here IMP) :iconcbellelove:CbelleLove 0 0 Onision Is Not a Loser :iconcbellelove:CbelleLove 1 0


Mature content
Hetalia Pick-Up Lines! (NSFW) :iconjessi201:jessi201 193 87
Vampire2P!America X Reader
You were walking down the block in your city, heading home for the day. You had to stay after school for tutoring because you were having trouble in (subject). You didn’t realized how late it was, and how dark it became outside.
You were really nervous to be outside in the evening, and the fact that there has been multiple disappearing lately it made you uneasy. You continued walking, hoping to get home as soon as possible.
You looked at your watch. Shit, it was getting late. You sighed and continued walking, but stopped when you heard something behind you. As if someone had landed on the ground on their feet quietly. You gripped your backpack tighter when you heard breathing.
You bit your tongue out of nervousness, and turned around. You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion and relief when you saw nothing. You turned back around and your heart stopped.
A young man wearing a bomber jacket and ragged torn jeans. His dark red eyes stared down at you with a pleased look on his face.
:iconxironrose:Xironrose 327 79
Dark Teacher England x Abused reader chapt. 2
Dark Teacher 1p/2p England x Abused Reader (mostly 2p England) 
Chapter 2.
1st Day at New School
You got up early the next morning and washed your face, brushed your teeth and then your hair. You dressed into a (fav color) shirt, Blue jeans, and some cowboy boots. You then grabbed your (fav anime or something) backpack. Checking your wrist, face, and lip. You put medicine on your lip and face. 
You then went downstairs and quickly made yourself some toast and left. You walked yourself to school since it wasn't that far from where you live. Plus if you woke up your dad for school stuff goes down especially how abusive he can get. Finally, you arrived at the school and went to the office. Where you met an old lady with thick glasses, wrinkly skin, a mole on her left cheek and curly short grey hair. She gave you, your locker number and your school class schedule. Little did you know that a blonde/strayberry blonde Englishman was watching you with green/cerulean eyes. You thanked
:iconlegoninjagogirl:legoninjagogirl 41 12
2p!Canada x Reader- Not just a Game
There's just one swear in here. If you don't like it, just kinda..skip over it. Or don't read this. I dunno' XD Hope you guys enjoy~

You had been competitive for as long as you could remember. For you, it hadn't really mattered what the competition was. From seeing who could run across the park the fastest, to more serious events like school debates and projects, you took each one of them with complete and utter seriousness, never wanting to give up until you had absolutely won. This, along with many other things that had happened in your life, had its perks and flaws. Because you were so serious about things, you could stay more in control and get things done alot faster than normal people could. But the only downside was small, yet overall very effective.
No one wanted to hang out with you.
So when the new exchange student from Canada had come strutting in like it was no one's buisness, instantly becoming a big hit, it had ang
:icongoingmadhatter:GoingMadHatter 464 117
colored sketch commission :iconsasucchi95:sasucchi95 2,474 134 -Germany-and-Prussia-hetalia-siblings love- :iconalicekirklandxxx97:AliceKirklandxxx97 75 998 OC - Heart Chocolate :iconaer0hail:Aer0Hail 152 28 FA - Smol :iconaer0hail:Aer0Hail 125 20 Goth Zodiac: Aries :icontrellia:Trellia 107 56 Death Note: This Is Heaven :iconbehindinfinity:behindinfinity 81,372 15,431 hades and persephone 2 :iconsandara:sandara 141,654 11,024 rays of reflection :iconssilence:ssilence 42,428 4,346 Cat adoptable CLOSED :icontana-jo:TaNa-Jo 76 44 Blue character adoptable CLOSED :icontana-jo:TaNa-Jo 88 43 Calling bananas :iconcosenza987:cosenza987 1,783 645 I'd just eat the cereal :iconcosenza987:cosenza987 1,262 806



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United States
a girl who loves almost everything.(especially adorable things) she is interested in anime, music, dubstep, singing, Smosh, PewDiePie and such. loves friends and does not like fighting...most of the time. (DO DOT tick her off, ever)


My account is NightshadeNeko

Before i start saying anything... you probably shouldn't like.. follow this one... I, myself have little self-confidence and i am very insecure.... but i am more open than i think.... so yeah Also trigger warning!

Probably the Number One thing in life that you need to be successful is self confidence, yo!

It can be hard to love yourself, I know that, I honestly don't love myself but at least i try to.

I have multiple personas/personalities that action when i can't remain perfectly sane(which makes it almost impossible to try, too because i am pretty cruel on myself.... I am mean...) but enough about me, I'm supposed to be helping you!

You may or may not have much care or love for yourself because maybe something going on at home or with your parents, or at school or with friends, or with past experiences. I won't ask what happened unless you need my attention and care and help..

(I may be a tsundere, but when someone is clearly emotionally scarred or hurt, no matter who it is, i will help the best I can. I'm not always a nice person. Just ask one of my friends, Lemoan.)

But that is just what's getting you down.. You can't let those things get the bet of you. They can overwhelm you into doing something stupid that you'll regret later. Start by talking about it .... To yourself. LET YOURSELF CRY IF YOU CRY!! YOU NEED TO CRY!!! IT IS A GOOD THING!!!  Just let it out. 


Hurting yourself is the worst thing you could possibly do. Even if it's to vent out your anger, hate, or depression. Or even if it's to keep yourself from hurting others. Punch the wall(Not too hard or else you'll have to go to the E.R or sumthin), scream into a pillow, kick the air, run around, take a walk, CRY.. Something, anything... just don;t hurt yourself. If you already have, you probably regret it don't you? Please to those who have or do hurt themselves, STOP. It may seem like the world could be against you but there are people who will listen. People who would rather help you than watch Markiplier or PewDiePie(Youtube in general) or play with their friends or do their work. There are people who would help a hurting stranger than do anything fun. I'm not here to make you feel bad, I'm simply here to help. Someone in my family has hurt themself and i had to deal with finding that out and knowig that they were in the hosplital when i was 4. it carried all throughout my life. Luckily they promised me they would stop and they didn't break their promise. So it's possible.


We are all bullied in some way some point in our lives weather you realize it or not. People make fun of us because we are different. They could just be jealous that you are more open with yourself or the fact that you are smart, or pretty/handsome, or anything really. You are unique. You shouldn't change yourself to be 'cool' or to be 'normal'. Be yourself. Because you are the only person who you know how to be. You will have so much more confidence in yourself.


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